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Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

PivotTables are an absolutely essential tool for anyone working with data in Excel. They allow you to quickly explore and analyze raw data, reveal insights and trends otherwise buried in the noise, and provide fast, accurate and intuitive solutions to even the most complicated questions.

In this course we’ll introduce essential PivotTable tools, practice advanced sorting, filtering, and calculation options, build visualizations using PivotCharts, slicers and timelines, and tie it all together with 10 advanced real-world case studies.


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PivotTable 101

Why PivotTables?

Structuring Your Source Data

Inserting Your First PivotTable

Navigating the Field List

PivotTable Options: “Analyze” & “Design”

Selecting, Clearing & Copying Pivots

Refreshing & Updating Pivots

PRO TIP: Dealing with Growing Data

How PivotTables ACTUALLY Work

PivotTable Formatting

Number Formatting

PRO TIP: Auto-format Empty Cells

Table Layouts & Styles

PRO TIP: Tabular Tables as New Source Data

Customizing Headers & Labels

Conditional PivotTable Formatting

PRO TIP: Data Bars with Invisible Text

Sorting, Filtering & Grouping

PivotTable Sorting Options

PRO TIP: When Sorting Goes Wrong

Label Filters & Manual Selections

PRO TIP: Label Filters with Wildcards

Value Filters

PRO TIP: Enabling Multiple Pivot Filters

Grouping Data

PRO TIP: Automatic Date Grouping

PivotTable Slicers & Timelines

PivotTable Report Filter Pages

Calculated Values, Fields & Items

“Summarize Values By” Options

PRO TIP: Avoiding the “Count Of” Trap

“Show Values As” Calculations

Show Values As: % of Column/Row

Show Values As: % of Parent

Show Values As: Difference From

Show Values As: Running Total

Show Values As: Rank

Show Values As: Index

Inserting Calculated Fields

Calculations in Pivots vs. Raw Data

PRO TIP: Calculating Using Counts

PRO TIP: Calculating Using Counts (part 2)

Using Calculated Items (not recommended!)

The Solve Order & List Formulas Tools


Intro to PivotCharts

PivotChart Demo: Column Chart

PivotChart Demo: Pie/Donut Chart

PivotChart Demo: Clustered Bar Chart

PRO TIP: Prevent Charts from Resizing with Cells

Changing Chart Types on the Fly

PivotChart Demo: Stacked Area Chart

PivotChart Layouts & Styles

Moving PivotCharts to New Sheets

Applying Slicers & Timelines to Multiple Charts

Building a PivotChart Dashboard

PivotTable Case Studies

Case Study: U.S. Voters (2012)

Case Study: San Francisco Salaries

Case Study: Shark Attack Records

Case Study: Stock Market Data

Case Study: Baseball Team Stats

Case Study: San Diego Burrito Ratings

Case Study: Daily Weather Conditions

Case Study: Spartan Race Facebook Posts

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