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75+ Excel tips to help you work smarter, boost productivity and become a certified power user.

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    The Analysis ToolPak

    Advanced Solver Optimization

    Monte Carlo Simulation

    CUBE Functions

    Relational Data Models

    Power Query Tools

    Data Tables & What-If Analysis

    Outlier Detection

    Basic Forecasting

    Optimization with Goal Seek

    The Scenario Manager

    Quick Analysis Tools

    Pivot Table Solve Order

    Defining Custom Sort Lists

    Reviving Data from Pivot Cache

    Conditional Pivot Table Formats

    Configuring Slicers & Timelines

    Pivot Errors & Empty Rows

    Pivot Table Value Calculations

    Grouping Pivot Table Values

    Enabling Multiple Pivot Filters

    Grouping Dates with Pivots

    Counting Text with Pivots

    Outline & Tabular Pivot Layouts

    Autofitting Column Widths

    Customizing the Field List

    Interactive Form Controls

    Dynamic Chart Source Ranges

    Charting Date Ranges

    Goal Pacing with Gauge Charts

    Analyzing Data with Histograms

    Heat Maps with Color Scales

    Custom Chart Templates

    Visualization with Sparklines

    Customizing Charts to Tell Stories

    Filled Map Visuals

    Hidden Chart Source Data

    Chart Properties (Move & Size)

    Many-to-Many Relationships

    Counting Duplicate Values

    Counting Matches Between Lists

    Combining INDEX & MATCH

    Selecting Random List Items

    Fuzzy Match Lookups

    Hyperlinking Between Worksheets

    Dependent Drop-Down Lists

    Counting Words in a Cell

    Building Pivot-Style Reports

    Formula Auditing Tools

    Real-Time Formulas & Functions

    Converting Measurements

    Formula Line Breaks

    Formula Calculation Modes

    Custom Number Formats

    Formula-Based Formatting

    Converting Text to Dates

    Formatting Errors with IFERROR

    Grouping Columns & Rows

    Zip Codes & Phone Numbers

    Invisible Text Formatting

    Center Across Selection

    Freezing Rows & Columns

    Color & Border Design

    The Format Painter

    Hiding Workbook Elements

    Snap to Grid

    Formatting Shortcuts

    Advanced Filter Criteria

    Multi-Level Row & Column Sorting

    Protecting Cells & Formulas

    Named Range & Table References

    Extracting Unique Values

    Synchronous Scrolling

    Splitting Text to Columns

    Customizing the Workbook Ribbon

    Auto Fill & Flash Fill

    Data Validation Drop-Down Lists

    Removing Blank Rows

    Go-To Special Options

    Alt Key Tips

    Mastering CTRL Shortcuts

    Customizing the Workbook Footer